Rope hoists (INGENIA)

Rope hoists (INGENIA)

Rope hoists


Tailor-made for galvanising operations

Highest safety standard

Long service life and excellent availability levels

100 % duty cycle

Low maintenance costs

Suitable for bridge cranes and monorails

High, infinitely adjustable lifting speed

Radio controlled or automated

Compact design

Modular product Family

Suitable for a vibrator

Ideal for both new equipment and retrofits

Robust, inverter-controlled rope hoists are ideal for the lifting of heavy loads on cranes or monorail systems. However, as opposed to chain hoists, they are only partially suitable for employment in acid-contaminated environments and atmospheres. 

Lifting speeds are dependent upon the loads and can exceed than those of chain hoists. The large rope drum minimises wear, which in turn means lower maintenance costs.