Being a supplier and partner to the steel and general melting industry since 1973, INTECO is proud to be until today the only single source supplier worldwide who offers and has already put into operation all production processes for the liquid treatment of steel, ferroalloys and super alloys such as…

  • Melting (EAF, SAF)
  • Refining (LF, VD/VOD, AOD, RH & Auxiliaries)
  • Casting (CC, IC, etc.)
  • Special Melting & Remelting (VIM, ESR, Pressure ESR, ESRR, VAR)
  • Automation & Level 2 Systems
  • Consulting Services 

In the last decade INTECO has built up a network of companies – the INTECO Group- which allows our clients to dispose of the expertise and know-how of several competence centers, each one of them a specialist in their field, scattered around the world.