With over 85 years’ experience in honing technology and subsidiaries throughout the world, Gehring offers on-site service and consultation. Emanating from production and sales subsidiaries in Germany, France, Brazil, USA, India and China, company serves as honing expert for the entire world with premium products - because honing is company’s passion. The success of Gehring comes first and foremost from the merit of the employees, who with their expertise, passion and creativity are the standards of the company and represent customer’s interests.                    

Since 1926, the most important technical impetuses, which have made honing what it is today- a globally sought after high performance process, have come from Gehring. There is hardly anyone in the entire metal working industry who wants to go without the performance the company offers. This is Gehring recognition and daily incentive. From abrasives over the complete honing process you’ll get from company all achievements out of one hand: system and process solutions for individual requirements. In addition to honing technology that laser structuring is one of the key technologies that company has developed further in recent years.