EMA Indutec GmbH has its roots in the EMA Elektromaschinen Schultze GmbH & Co. KG and has been an integral part of the AICHELIN Group since the year 2000. 

Within the AICHELIN Group, a world-wide operating expert in the manufacturing of industrial, heat treatment systems, EMA Indutec GmbH in Meckesheim is the center of competence of Inductive Heating and Hardening Systems. Based on the know-how of the former EMA Elektromaschinen Schultze GmbH & Co KG, company has gathered experience in the development, planning, construction, and fabrication of Inductive Heating Systems and Frequency Converters for more than 70 years now. 

EMA Indutec GmbHs principal strength lies with the fact that company in a position to offer, apart from standard systems, specially designed systems, according to our customers’ requirements. 
In order to fulfill this task, company has a perfectly equipped technological center at their disposal where highly qualified technologists having the appropriate testing equipment at hand are working on the improvement and the further development of technical engineering and materials processing.