Plasma Nitriding Systems & Plasma Coating System (RÜBIG)

Plasma Nitriding Systems & Plasma Coating System

Innovative heat treatment solutions in plasma nitriding and plasma coating

MICROPULS® Technology from RUBIG Industrial Furnaces is the premium plasma technology in the heat treatment sector. RUBIG partners from across the globe have confidence in this plasma nitriding technology. The customers benefit from over 25 years of development experience in the field of customized thermal treatment systems for a variety of sectors, from job-shop heat treatment operations to fully automated industrial companies.

Benefits of the RUBIG MICROPULS® Systems: :



Flexible systems, perfect for in-house sourcing and future upgrades.


Industrie 4.0

Simple data exchange with supervising control and ERP systems.



Increased degree of filling for cost-effective plasma nitriding.


Temperature control

Independently controlled heating and cooling zones and temperatures are measured directly at the component.


Efficient operation

Remote maintenance and online diagnostics for increased efficiency.


MICROPULS® Technology

Perfect process control using powerful plasma generators.


SIR concept

Improved surfaces plus cost savings of up to 20 %.


Environmental compatibility

Optimum energy efficiency and lowest emissions.